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Active 24 Multivitamin with 10 herbs

We need strength, energy, stamina and immunity for our bodies to function properly. We also need our bones and joints to be healthy so that we can feel fit at all times. Active 24 Multivitamin by Chetan Herbals is a complete multivitamin which is fortified with 10 ingredients that the human body cannot produce organically.

Further, Active 24 Multivitamin takes the responsibility of our overall fitness and also keeps us physically active and mentally alert. It minimizes the damage due to free radicals and enhances our immunity to inhibit various infections from pathogens. Active 24 Multivitamin capsules for daily health is a balanced combination of 10 ingredients which can help fill in nutritional gaps and support general well-being for a healthy, active lifestyle.

Active 24 Multivitamin capsules for daily health is a balanced combination of 10 ingredients which can help fill in nutritional gaps and support general well-being for a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • Improved protein synthesis in the body
  • Can better the quality of your skin
  • Improves immunity and helps to focus better
  • Helps you to stay active
  • Increases your bone health

Ideally, 1 or 2 Capsule following your breakfast daily with a glass of water/milk/juice is enough. It helps to balance the nutrition levels in the body. However, before going ahead, do not forget to consult your physician.


Active 24 Multivitamin with 10 herbs

Q. When to take multivitamin capsules?

A. If you go by the view of experts, then you should take multivitamin tablets during the day and after a meal. This ensures that you get maximum absorption.

Q. Can we take multivitamin capsules daily?

A. Active 24 is positioned as daily health supplement for overall health and wellbeing. It is a complete and balanced daily health supplement that contains 10 herbs. Multivitamin tablets can be taken either once or twice a day. However, you should consume it according to the doctor's prescribed dosage.

Q. Which is the best multivitamin tablet in India?

A. Active 24 Multivitamin capsules by Chetan Herbals are the best in India. Chetan Herbals follow strict manufacturing guidelines and are GMP Certified by independent and authorized testing labs.

Q. What is Active 24 capsule used for?

A. Active 24 capsule commonly used for the Improves Immunity, Improves Mental Alertness, Improves Health.

Q. What is the best time to take Active 24?

A. Better time would be after breakfast or lunch. It should be safe after dinner but multivitamin tablets help more if taken earlier in the day. Created for people with ongoing healthcare needs but benefits everyone.

Q. What is the age of taking Active 24?

A. Iron vitamins and minerals are essential for healthy living after 40.

Q. Is Active 24 for both Men & Women?

A. Yes Active 24 for Men & Women Both.

Q. Can we take Active 24 empty stomach?

A. You should have Active 24 after a meal (not on an empty stomach).

Q. Is Active 24 a Veg or non-veg?

A. It's a Veg Ayurvedic Herbal medicine.

Q. Does Active 24 increase stamina?

A. Yes u can take… But it will not increase sexual stamina directly.

Q. Is Active 24 good for senior citizens?

A. Active 24 is a daily health supplement, Active 24 has a balanced combination of 10 herbs that will keep you healthy and active. Especially to all adults above 50 years of age.

Q. Who needs Active 24?

A. Active 24 Capsules are specially formulated for the prevention and treatment of vitamin and mineral deficiencies for adults above 40 years of age or who are looking for immunity, health & Mental Alertness.

Q. What is Ayurvedic multivitamin?

Chetan Herbals Active 24 capsule is made using a special combination of herbs, vitamins, and minerals. It can help children and adults increase their immunity and energy levels. It can help with general weakness and weariness, chronic and acute diseases, anemia, and weight loss, among other things.


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