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what is ayurveda chetan herbals
Ayurveda, along with being a scientific medical science, is a complete life science, which has been providing long-term, semi-spiritual and spiritual healing benefits to human life in the country since ancient times. The roots of Ayurveda as medical science are spread as deep as any other medical science.

Health and disease are two stages of life, in life, the process of building the body and confirming the physical metal continues. As long as there is balance in both, the state is called healthy life. Ayurvedic medicine treatment not only cures the disease, but it has also been proposed to prevent the entire cause of the disease. It is mentioned in Ayurveda Shastra, that complete medicine is a medicine that should not cause any ill effects by removing disease. The medicines mentioned in Ayurveda are life-giving

In Ayurveda all the medicine-yogas have been clearly described as suitable and unsuitable for the human body. Ayurvedic the ancient medical experts, whom we call Rishi-Muni. Their is experience, research along with their experiment. Rishi-Muni has transmitted to Ayurveda the entire world by nurturing this medical science. As a result many countries of the world have again started research on ayurveda. All the medical method of the world originated from ayurveda itself. Ayurveda has spread the knowledge of medicine in the world.