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Welcome To Chetan Herbals

Chetan Herbals makes use of the purest and best herbs as well as the latest technologies to make Ayurvedic products. The goal of Chetan Herbals is to develop an advanced India based on health. Chetan Herbals aims to use the power of digital to save every Indian from harmful medicines and keep everyone healthy through traditional Ayurvedic medicines.

Chetan Herbals is GMP Certified & ISO 9001-2015 Certified Pharmacy. We have ancient, tried and tested, physician approved formulations. Our own a Ayurvedic medicine company with laboratories approved by the AYUSH Ministry (HR) Government of India. We want to make Ayurveda affordable and accessible to the people in their door-to-door access.

Chetan Herbals


  • Sehat Prash Capsule for Weight Gain

  • Triphla Churn

  • Chetan Tila – Oil

  • Aryaman Ashwagandha

  • Dard Mochak – Oil

  • Shilajit Prash

  • Tulsi-T

  • Chetan Capsule – Sex Power Capsule

  • Memory Prash – Focus Brain and Memory Booster

  • Arsh Saffa


Shop for Ayurvedic products according to the disease.

Other systems of medicine treat only the symptoms of the disease, whereas Ayurvedic systems of medicine take a more holistic approach and not only reduce the symptoms of the disease, but also treat the underlying cause of the disease to ensure that the disease Has completely healed.

Live Better With Chetan Herbals

Why choose Chetan Herbals Ayurvedic Products ?

Chetan Herbals is a 16-year-old Ayurvedic company that carefully follows the legacy of ancient Ayurvedic scriptures such as Charaka Samhita and Sushrutha Samhita. Chetan Herbals never compromise on quality and adheres to the highest AYUSH standards. Chetan Herbals has advanced Ayurvedic research facilities. Under the careful supervision of trained R&D scientists. We collect herbs from responsible source, All ingredients are pure, authentic and 100% vegetarian. Chetan Herbal’s reputed product list includes: SehatPrash Capsule, ShilajitPrash Avaleha, MhaMochak Churan & Oil and Kaff Mochak Etc.

The one-stop-shop for all Ayurvedic Health supplements.

To shop Ayurvedic medicines online chetanherbals.com store is the best place. This online shop contains Ayurvedic products belonging to various health segments, such as digestive health, mental wellness, sexual health, women’s health, bone, and joint health and immunity. The Single Herbs range of Chetan Herbals consists of capsules made from pure extracts of Ayurvedic herbs like Guduchi, Haridra, Amalaki, Kalmegh etc. These supplements benefits the body in different ways.

Ayurveda – A brief introduction

Benefits of living an Ayurvedic life
Adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle is the guarantee of a long and healthy life. Ayurvedic products are made using natural ingredients, hence they are safe and free from side effects. Unless you are suffering from any chronic disease or allergies, you do not need a doctor’s permission to consume Ayurvedic medicines. Ayurvedic home remedies are the best to stay healthy and beautiful as well as deal with problems like common cold and cough. Common Ayurvedic ingredients are always in your kitchen and readily available, so preparing an Ayurvedic blend is as easy as making tea. Most Ayurvedic Decoctions made using spices and herbs like Tulsi, Black Pepper, Ginger, Turmeric, Amla, etc. improve immunity by quickly clearing the infection.

Adopt Ayurveda for health benefits in "Kaliyug life".

Chetan Herbals believes that the use of ancient Ayurveda is more important than ever for people to lead a healthy life. To make the most of Ayurveda, it is a positive sign to join Chetan Herbals.

Building on a legacy of quality and experience of over 16 years, Chetan Herbals is India’s trusted name today

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