Memory Prash

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Everyday question? What to do to increase brain power? Do you also want sharper mind, more memory, more concentration, more focus, stronger brain? Here is Chetan Herbals' Memory Prash Brain Tonic. This Memory Prash gives new energy and strength to your brain. Memory Prash is made from valuable herbs like Brahmi, Sankhapushpi, Jatamansi, Yashti Madhu, and Giloy which help in increasing your memory and concentration power. Consuming Memory Prash keeps your mind active and increases your thinking ability and ability to concentrate. It improves blood circulation in the brain and provides an adequate amount of oxygen to the brain, thereby improving the functioning of the brain and mind. Memory Prash is a brain tonic, meaning super food of the brain.

Original price was: ₹890.00.Current price is: ₹650.00.

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  1. Salu Singh

    Really the stress has reduced and the sleep is much better. If I wake up in the morning in a fresh mood, the day is better.

  2. Ajay Yadav

    I bought it for my son. He eats very well and this has had good results in his focus and learning ability. Thanks for the brain boosting supplements.

  3. Rupa Jha

    Many known people found it useful natural brain boosters is Meomory Prash.

  4. Chandan Poddar

    Memory Prash medicine has very good results. I experimented and got very good results. I used it as a brain boosting supplement for 90 days.

  5. Ranu Mandal

    I can feel a focused mind for longer periods thanks to Memory Prash capsule.

  6. Vivek Dhami

    I purchased it primarily to reduce stress and ensure I can perform everyday tasks at work and in my personal life. After eating this I can feel natural brain boosting changes in my body and mind.

  7. Achal Jha

    Memory Prash has significantly increased my concentration enhancing levels.

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Memory Prash

Original price was: ₹890.00.Current price is: ₹650.00.
(7 Reviews)
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