Shilajit Prash

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Shilajit is a natural substance that is most commonly found in the Himalayas. Shilajit especially helps boost the energy, stamina, and sexual power of men. “Shilajit Prash” improves immunity by increasing metabolism. There is no harm from regular use. “Shilajit Prash” is an exclusive combination of healthy and effective ingredients. How to Use: Take 1 teaspoonful twice a day or as directed by a physician. Best when followed by milk. Size: 250g

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  1. Bhola Kumar

    I m use many Stamina booster this is the father of all Stamina booster . increase strength and stamina in gym or working time also thanks to shilajit prash.. highly recommended.

  2. Javed Malik

    Shilajit Prash is worlds no 1 stamina booster, i ll used it from 1 month best result i found Really good product
    Ordered it second time

  3. Somvir Dutt

    It has been a month, since I have started consuming Silajit Prash daily once, post meal before bed… One hour before I go to sleep.
    I workout daily, strength training, and consume it with warm milk.

    One thing I have notice till now, that the sleep has improved, I get some days. Deep sleep. and morning i feel very activeness in my body.

  4. Raju boss

    Trust me, Shilajit Prash is best male stamina booster it’s really beneficial for improving your endurance and testosterone levels. I’ve been using this product for a while now and it has visible results within a week

  5. Gulam Ahmad

    Delighted to use Shilajit Prash for my body. Felt like it started working from the first week and definitely increased by strength and also benefited further that it. Would surely recommend this to all!!

  6. Lakhan Pal

    Shilajit Prash is ayurvedic stamina booster firts of all its 100% natural It’s activating my brain and cells and maintaining the energy pressure.

  7. Bablu tripathi

    Must use this product because it is pure Ayurvedic stamina booster and helpful me too much and nowdays m feeling very active and my stamina level is up day by day.

  8. Chandani

    Shilajeet Prash is very Effictive Product for male stamina booster because I have seen the result in use of after two weeks.

  9. Diwakar singh

    Shilajit Prash can boost exercise performance, repair muscle fibers, and speed up the wound healing process after workouts and exercise-related injuries Shilajit as a natural supplement to manage conditions like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

  10. Yashpal Tomar

    I’ve used other shilajit before using this. After using this one for a week I recommend everyone to use. After 1 week of use my sleep quality improved, feels energetic throughout the day very easy to consume with milk and no side effects till now.

  11. Mauj Khan

    verry good product i was useinh it last 3 month ( Paisa wasool) Highly recommended.

  12. Suraj Singhaniya

    I taking Shilajit Prash with milk its smell very good, also i use it like pre workout drink its give me high stamina for my workout.

  13. Ratan Lal

    shilajit Prash given me new life Because I had the problem of early discharge, i dont satisfy my girlfriend,This is why I was very sad But I am taking Shilajit Prash since 1 month and my sex timing is getting better day by day.

  14. Kapil Khanna

    Ever since I started taking this, my stamina has not only increased but my sex power has also increased.

  15. Karim Khan

    Improve vitality and stamina in my body, worth it

  16. Guddu Singh

    Ever since I started taking this, I have gained more strength and I don’t get tired easily while exercising, best male stamina booster..

  17. Ravinder Khote

    Whenever I come home from office, I feel so tired and want to go straight to sleep. Ever since I started taking Shilajit Prash, I feel so strong and whenever I come home from office, I spend time with my children. this is best stamina booster..

  18. Kapil Kumar

    It is an effective and safe Ayurvedic Shilajit that can positively impact your overall health and well-being. Amazing product. Helps in boosting up the stamina and keep me full of energy every time. It totally works others should also try it.

  19. Parveen Gaur

    Nice products I used last 3 months good results.

  20. Karan Dubey

    Superb solution to increase stamina and strength. Power is increased hugely. 100% natural shilajeet

  21. Ramesh Sharma

    Good quality ayurvedic shilajeet. Improves stamina and strength. Energizes body

  22. Ved prakash

    It improves the metabolism of the body, and also helps in boosting the growth hormones.

  23. Jitendra chaturvedi

    me isse gym jane se phele pre workout ki tarha use kar raha hu,i found such a great result, Stamina and Vitality.
    Thanks to Shilajit Prash

  24. Ch Harsh Pradhan

    After taking Shilajit Prash I feel energetic and physically strong,very good product I’ll suggest it to all because it is natural
    And anyone can take it to improve their stamina and body strength.

  25. Md Abdul Qureshi

    take one capsule a day and you will feel great freshness and energy in half n hours… best product m using it last 20 days, must try this Shilajit Prash.

  26. Shivam Prajapati

    It is beneficial after using 3 weeks of shilajit prash i found Great results my brother is also using shilajit prash as a pre work-out, Happy to purchase this stamina booster.

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Shilajit Prash

Original price was: ₹900.00.Current price is: ₹810.00.
(26 Reviews)
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